Original Stories

Hero of all battles, brought forth the fervent admiration of males and females delirious passion. To each and all with the same generosity rewarded poetic and literary. I listened with interest and without much of a surprise because he knew his talent and knew it even capable of such acts in real life, more so in the stormy atmosphere of the virtues. I was about to applaud the originality of its presence in the virtual scene when he confessed that despite the success in the performance of the character he had created, there was a time when the novel ended and had no way to keep him alive after the inevitable round of the last page of the book. He decided to die. As the author experienced in wielding the pen was to give life, took pains in the intricacies of his death, so that he died in glory and sorrow. Glory to him, grief for others who really liked him, especially for those who had chosen as a target of unbridled devotion that often populate the virtual solitude.

He left a widow, without his genius and art, eventually many of his affections. Were months of mourning and condolences, during which he attended with his soul full of compassion for the suffering his absence had on the people that were dear, comrades, friends and lovers. With pleasant surprise was that dug up the trunks of memory and hard disk, stories, short stories, novels and poems that he had never written, to give continuity to their virtual existence and comfort of abyss of loss.



July 16th