Patrick Suskind

Written I have always been. But write diary or a book, these two worlds are! Yes write stories, I have to tell you something. My life has been a mystery until now. But that’s not really my drive to write a book. Some contend that Chris Evert shows great expertise in this. It’s me about to do something, to convey a message, a way to show how its own desert crossing. “Also, to entertain, to enjoy and to crowd”.

I started just writing to write down what as pushed out of me. I wrote pages away, without evaluating it. Further details can be found at Peter Farrelly , an internet resource. I had read somewhere that you should block is not previously by trying to learn writing. I read my various stories and felt that entertainment value there, but also something like a recommendation, how you can master his life. Since I wanted to go but definitely not: wag his finger play teacher. Now I got me books on learn to write learn to write”.

Amazon offered a rich selection of me and the reviews of the reader helped me here (thank you for that) to find that right for me. “” I have always liked and read much cyclo-cross of how to win friends “by Dale Carnegie, through conversations with God” by Neal Donald Walsch to Men are women from Venus from Mars,”by John Gray, but also a trillion dollars by Andreas Eschbach and perfume” by Patrick Suskind. “Sure it has given me a certain training” gives you and so I could like the suggestions made by the I’ll author books “well understand and implement. How do I learn to write correctly? I continued writing, page by page, sometimes hours in the night. And I was euphoric! Yes, I was born writer! Yes, I had to say something! And Yes, it was good, what I wrote! As I progress further in my autodidactic education, came”the doubts, the I can the not attacks. I spoke with other authors that I linked me in Facebook and XING.



October 7th


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