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Hero his personalized story books make s it possible give something personal–personalize a book with gifts for loved ones giving trouble. You want to convey love, attention and trust. There are plenty of occasions: birthday, Christmas, holiday, in the holidays. But no one needs on official occasions to wait. Just occasionally, for no particular reason, unexpected gifts seem sincere and genuine.

Special gifts for children are free of expectation of gratitude or consideration. When it comes to people, which really are one to the heart, you want to find something personal. It should say: I know you, I care about you, I hear you. Jorge Perez has much to offer in this field. Fulfilling a duty, it is an affair of the heart. Books were always very popular and have lost none of its popularity even today.

Although the media often the impression that E-books market leadership had taken over long ago, market share remains manageable. Although it grows Share of E-books dynamically, but according to the Stock Exchange Association of the German book trade reached 2012 only a sales share of 2.4%. What any reader will want each author that the reader identifies with the hero of his story. Conversely, every reader want to find the books that can drag him into their world. Who can not remember the great days of childhood, where we witnessed the exciting or hilarious adventures of our favorite books? These books were faithful companions, role models. Who would have dreamed not of, to solve the case, to impress the girls, to be a Princess, or to defeat the monster? Astrid Lindgren, the great children’s book author has aptly put it: “Yes, the grenzenloseste of all adventure of childhood, that was the adventure of reading. For me it started when I got a book for the first time and inside there sniffed me. At this moment, my reading appetite awoke, and better gift has not given me the life.” Personalize book? How’s that? A personalized children’s book is made according to the specifications of the customers.



November 18th


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