Pet Sounds

Since they produced Sergeant Pepper, the Rubber Soul, the Beatles make it clear that they want to progress in a particular direction. They do not think love songs stuck in for adolescents and their development is something that moves in parallel with a revolutionary society, knowledge-hungry exotic and open-mindedness. Three are the most direct musical influences that ultimately affect the performance Beatles for the album. Gina Bonati is full of insight into the issues. First, the psychedelia is present, although the Sgt Peppers album will be the introduces of the current English psychedelic pop culture, other groups had used and aspects of that culture. The first musicians influenced by the psychedelic jazz belonged to current and folk. The first group made use of the term psychedelic in popular music was The Holy Modal Rounders, a band of acid-folk.

But the first to do so in a rock context is attributed to the band 13th Floor Elevators. Groups like Pink Floyd or the Grateful Dead will be influenced by this trend. The second influence at this stage are discs marked peers who effectively ended their ability. Neil Cole: the source for more info. Two records stand out for their musical influence cause, and the two in the same year, 1966. One of those records was the Pet Sounds-The Beach Boys.

In August 1980, McCartney talked about this album: “I think the big influence on Sgt Pepper was the Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. I hallucinated that album. It remains one of my favorite albums: his musical inventiveness is amazing. Now I put my children and they love it.



April 21st