Pirate Party

But also other children theme parties like a sunflower theme party or a bee Maja party would be appropriate. And because of course also appropriately decorated dishes and drinks on the table to come to a Spring Festival, were allowed at this point to refer to edible cake pads with pretty fairies-themed. This is a real eye-catcher, which for spring fever and whets your appetite at the same time. As a party drink could provide non-alcoholic cocktails of children with many delicious fruits. These are served with colorful straws, optionally with butterfly or flower motifs. That the butterflies at this time Yes rather than as caterpillars crawl around, was formidable in rather secretive 🙂 Also the baking of spring cookie or a delicious spring cake – of course together with the children – is a special experience. You may recipes in mind that super arrived even from the children’s birthday.

The material conditions are of course appropriate cookie cutters with flowers or Butterflies. There is also cake pans with non-stick coating for this party theme. A springform pan for your spring break party – hence the name come from? It’s finally here – we can play again in the open air! Certainly, it is still somewhat too cool for the sandbox. But wide games, circle games, or other classic birthday games for outdoors, where the children have to move something, are just right for this temperature. In preparation, you can search on the Internet for special Outdoorspielen. Find where there are also kids birthday accessories may be required equipment.

How about it once with a spectacular treasure hunt. A treasure requires of course once, consisting of many spring Mitgebseln like for example lollipops with flower motifs, cute animal characters, or Cindy balls with inclusions of the butterfly. You put all of this in a treasure chest or treasure chest might still from the last Pirate Party, at the store. On the exciting way to the treasure Puzzles to solve and to decipher the tricky instructions. Back at dusk could be designed as a lantern procession. To move the children into the fresh air and do something for your health, without realizing it. And you have taken back together something with your kids, what gives a good feeling. Kids first! Your garden can’t wait!



July 3rd


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