Dear planet, as I help you are 7 o’clock in the morning and I lift me enthusiastic to start a new day. I go to the bathroom and when you open the tap a fresh stream of clear water, it helps me to wake me at all and I prepare to begin the tasks.Sitting in the Gallery, with a smoky and fragrant Cup of coffee, I see the sky pure and clear tinted in shades of pink and gold by the first rays of Sun. Air at this time is cool and pleasant, and wet from the spray and freshly cut grass aroma saturating the atmosphere. Where it may be best to start the day I take the journal and already only look at the first images and headlines, my mood changes and my corner loses the charm, as in a bad movie where the Orchestra is playing a nice melody suddenly clashes producing unpleasant chords, shows snow in China, which produces winter coldest in the last 50 years, floods in Bolivia with thousands of evacuees, tornadoes in the United States with incalculable damage, raise tides, whaling in international seas by Japanese ships… and yet the abri!.On one page, one beside the other news of environmental abuses and the consequence of disrespect both to nature, are updated sample that we are at a point of no return, where we must act to revert them as possible, minimize the irreparable and continue causing no damage. Are those who responsible for this ecological disaster? who has the power to damage what belongs to all humanity with impunity and in the name of that cause? Politics, money, negotiated, greed, incompetence, indifference, stupidity, they can be some of the reasons by which it negotiates, is prey and degrades to nature, leaving future generations, without a healthy environment to live.Large companies, ignorant and corrupt politicians, economic braids and mafias of all kinds, are causes of major disasters, but we have to recognize that they do what they do, have what they have or how powerful that are, the environment is one just for everyone and if it is irreparably damaged all us see affected.



June 5th


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