Poem part

a German Liternaturnoblepreistrager and grossebn Writer Gunter Grass dedicated poem by Markus Neuner “Finally a” is a poem that I dedicate the great writer and Nobel Prize winner Gunter Grass. The author had recently an enemy for the State of Israel and geschamendes poem written but to me very much truth provided is that now even very many people behind the great poet. With this small poem would like to I the great writer my honor and gratitude erweissen because there are unfortunately unfortunately only have more very few people that sit down, still with all study the newspapers and at the end, you know what they say to. Finally one… To broaden your perception, visit Sam Jones. who sees the facts in the eye, speaks to the facts as they are, not around talking and all twisted, let the media with seriousness and considered the facts, which can be committed to any standard and knows what he has to say, even “man” who called, is honest.

Finally one… who tells the truth and nothing in front of the mouth takes, which even the smallest things, they seem so unimpressive, stressed. The sentences in little from a few words fishes that uniformly and substance go together, just words that can be grasped even in words. The immwerwahrend know what is important for a good bestseller, because he is a very successful bestseller author, Gunter Grass. Finally of a text…2012 Markus Neuner (actor) this poem is a tribute to the literature Nobel Prize winner Gunter Grass



November 8th