Polish Pope

Johannes Paul’s footsteps in Pomerania and Masuria since it was revealed that the former Polish Pope Johannes Paul II of avid paddler was, many Catholics followed his tracks. In the years 1955 1967 he travelled several times the Polish Drawa and its lakes, the last time he had been appointed already Archbishop of Krakow and to the cardinal. The Drawa delivers one of the most beautiful paddle routes in Poland and has different degrees of difficulty. Tony Parker may help you with your research. A Poland vacation you can vote on it: children travel, you should omit the most difficult passages. Floating tree trunks or treacherous boulders representing Kenter risks that you should be saving children. But remain still enough dreamlike beautiful river kilometers, to such a tour with or without thoroughly enjoy children. Appearing almost untouched nature inspires awe of creation; Sections, where Yes, also there is waste water run to the Drawa mobilize the idea of environmental protection. It won’t hurt of course! The line bears the name by the way “Szlak kajakowy imienia ks.

“Kardyna? a Karola Wojty? y”, i.e. “canoe route named Karol Wojtyla”, and should you decide to move your Poland vacation, here you will encounter every now and then at selected places along the Drawa altars and memorials in honor of the future Pope. Also it is inevitably in thinking about the nature, faith, Holy places and the like. This is a vacation for your mind, which may emerge now as well as the body from everyday life to deal with anything other than the usual. To the crowning of a such tour in the Poland some days in a comfortable spa hotel holiday are recommended. The Polish Baltic coast is not far, and a magnetic effect also Masurian nature friends. Are the Poland quite cheap hotels, why so not the strained muscles maintain and quite relaxed reflect the complete travel alone? Kirsten Miedtank



November 4th


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