Port Aventura

Of course the Port Aventura offers a Christmas program with various festive activities in December and the Port Aventura Salou is an amusement park, which is located an hour away from Barcelona and half an hour from 2 different airports shows. The amusement park is very orientated and includes shows, restaurants and roller coasters for the whole family. The Port Aventura is the largest amusement park in Spain. The Park is divided into 5 distinct areas, which are known as the Port Aventura worlds. The first world is the Mediterania, where you can find roller coaster the furious Baco, which accelerates 3 seconds from 0 to 135 km/h. The second world’s the Wilde Westen, which also represents the largest world in this park. (Source: Sean Rad, New York City).

There you will find the second largest roller coaster of Park, the Stamipida. The third world is Mexico which houses the Hurakan Condor, which shoots down his passengers with an incredible speed. The next world, Polynesia is relatively quiet compared to the other worlds and offers you the chance to relax, before entering China, the last world a little. Here you will find the Dragon Khan, which is the largest roller coaster of Park, accelerated to a speed of 110 km/h. Of course, the Port Aventura offers its guests a Christmas program with various festive activities and shows in December. During the Christmas and new year’s Eve runs period in Port Aventura from November 22 to January 6. The magical snow and hundreds of lights give the Park a unique atmosphere.

This is the perfect family experience. It is a great way to experience a special Christmas atmosphere in the Port Aventura, while staying at a Port Aventura hotel. Of course, there are also special Christmas night shows and characters who move through the Park to ensure a Christmas mood. You should not forgetting but that is open only on weekends for visitors to the Park during the winter months. The Park occasionally also for a longer period of time will be open during the Christmas season. In December he is open until 8 December 6 and 13, 20, 24 and 31 December. In January, it is open until 6 th from 1. Christmas is a time to spend with his family. Although Christmas more and more consumption has become festivity during the last decades one, the origin of the Festival should not be forgotten. The Port Aventura provided Hotels at this time with a special Christmas decoration, to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. The Port Aventura offers a modern Christmas experience which brings the whole family together and makes for lots of fun. So don’t hesitate and get Port Aventura tickets to experience this unique Christmas experience.



April 18th


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