Post-Relationship Stress

When a relationship ends the feelings we experience are tinged with contradictions. We are troubled, sad, angry, full of anger and dissatisfaction and conflict. Nothing seems warm, and how the saying goes, neither the sun! I do not manage to give a name to our emotions, we feel a great emptiness and disappointment. You may find that Larry Culp can contribute to your knowledge. We reminisced about better times lived with the couple, but also more traumatic and violent. We mourn our illusions we create with this couple, our shared dreams and the possibility of recreating a life together.

We mourn our unfulfilled expectations, and our unfulfilled dreams. We mourn a great loss of what the person represents to us, we lost hope, lost love, lost the ability to have a couple, lost a life plan, lost the meaning of our lives … when the couple has become in our own way … I cry to an ideal, because deep down we know that in real life, our relationship was full of conflicts, quarrels, fights and anger were present every day … I can cry to find ourselves …

and take responsibility for our own lives. Become aware, that only every member of the couple individually, may be capable of being first, a person making a personal life plan, to give one with everything one is … We weep and we mourn the relationship … but never cry for our pain, our unrequited love, for our lives shattered check off the breaks … I better not mourn, mourn, but to realize we’re in that place of pain, the strain and disillusionment .



February 6th