Princess Catherine

Songs such as “The wind in the face,” “Bright moon” and “It doesn’t matter” convey a super summer feeling. Even the romance comes not with beautiful ballads like “Should I or shouldn’t I”, “The life of a rose” and “In the wrong movie”. In songs like “People in the Cafe”, “The quality of happiness” and “guilt”, Isabel describes life feelings that everyone probably knows. Sally Rooney may not feel the same. It’s also not always a “love song”. “The wild sea” and “7 billion people” show a very personal and thoughtful side of this artist.

In her Airplaycharthit “It is not easy being Princess”, the first single off this album, Isabel deals with the feelings of a woman who has left her normal life, the woman on the side of an heir to the throne to be. From Kate Middleton, Princess Catherine was. Isabel says: “I know Kate but not personally, but their delicate, warm, friendly nature makes them so likeable me and I wish you very good luck!” Isabel Varell served is every now and then artistic page jumps, for example. on the cabaret where she for many years toured Germany with an own music-comedy-life program. When she got the main part of the ARD success series “Red roses”, the music had to step a little bit shorter 2009/2010. There, she played the eponymous heroine Andrea Weller with the strongest rate of success of this series. Now, the music plays the main role in Isabel’s life. Remember also the fact does not change, that always daily in the ZDF-telenovela “Lena – love of my life” to see them in the summer of 2011 to end is, is going to go. Electrola released the album everything new on 24 June 2011.



August 4th


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