Printed Trade Show Carpet

Carpet printing procedures describes the pressure on solid color rugs has evolved into a persuasive marketing idea. Companies can be printed floor mats or their entire Office carpet with their logo, so as we know it from hotels have long. According to Charlotte Hornets, who has experience with these questions. Not only a favorable ad campaign, is to print on a trade show carpet, but still consistently quite abnormal if he then lies on a stand. There are a variety of printing processes. At the preference of the procedure depends on it as well, which species of covering you want to recolor.

A variant is the solvent pressure which is similar with the-based ink jet printer in the large format. Here, special, water-protected and robust color is applied by ink-jet process on the carrier material. This procedure is one of the norms in the backdrop of the profile. UV printing is an additional variant to stain the carpet. The color, similar to the solvent process, right on the material applied and by UV light hardened. Winning this is that the pressure on rigid and flexible materials is waterproof and brings forth a long-term colour protection.

The especially hardened colors, the pressure should emit some days. Among others, there is the technique of sublimation or thermal transfer printing which the color is separated on paper or immediately applied to the material, and merged with the help of heat with the polyester fabric. The sublimation printing process is a standard for any fabric prints, because a high intension of the light effect and is washable. In the framework of the Lenticulartechnik the color in different layers applied direct pressure in a dedicated process. A linear image, which falls under the impulse of pressure or when passes effect by a special surface layer thus. Several different effect variations can be reached via this approach. The last variant, which will be called “Offset”. When this fact the colour by means of web offset printing is applied back special films and next on the materials printed. This printing process is designed for higher quantities, because it just prints the desired motif and prints this just yet of the slide. The gewohntsten printing methods are to print on carpets, which as already mentioned there are all the time on the carpet and on the project. On the basis of an advertising campaign, which includes a printed carpet, you can increase attention and recognition. Alpha consulting – branch fair – and event carpet, carpet prints in her shop for fair carpet offers. Experienced specialists are available for consultation….



October 25th


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