Private Agent

It has very, much time, five Vikings they had joined it the Capitoi Rockhopper and had hoisted candles the search of the disappeared shoes of the Aunt Arctic, who it had lost during its last trip for the world. The Vinkings penguins was: Fonsi, the fort; Oso, the intelligent one; Dogi, the destemido Viking; Stiki, the bravest of all penguins; Struden, a likeable Viking. The biggest fear of the crew was that a fierce storm surpreendese during its day. They had sailed, they had sailed and they sailed per three days the wire, and nothing. Prem in the room day, reached them to the storm. Nor the members of the crew, and nor the captain could make nothing to contain the fury of the ocean, and its boat sank. All were sad and scared, little Struden. As soon as was launched to the sea, found the shoes of the Aunt Arctic! The penguins had been livened up and decided to swim in return for the island.

In the way, Struden made another discovery left that it still more happy. It found an oyster with a paper written in octopus ink, saying: ' ' If your boat to sink, you do not swim; you float and esperai.' ' Struden counted its discovery to friends, but ninqum believed it until a Private Agent appeared to save everybody. Since then, Struden is congratulated and remembered for all the cantos of the seven seas. Aunt Arctic was contented for having its shoes in return, and still more happy for knowing that all had come back in security toward the island. Aunt Arctic is a great friend! END!



December 24th