Quality Of Life

Success in life, means to succeed in all areas that compose it: religion, economics, social, family, employment, personal, sentimental, etc. The majority of people dedicate their time to a single area, develop it and succeed, but others are failing. The ideal is to succeed in all. Whats your score in each of them? Excellent very well well plus or minus bad very bad problems only 1% of the population has excelent in all areas, the vast majority as 80% anda problems wrong. If you ask how is your health? Answer, in trouble, your marriage? In trouble, your car? In trouble, your income? In trouble with the Government? In trouble.

90% Of problems has to do with money and the vast majority doesn’t care about win a lot. Level of comforts Super high high medium high medium medium medium low very evil low misery all belong to one of these levels, the question is does at what level these?, do like being There, in which would you be?, with that level of life dream? First of all has to be located without autoenganos, your level of life is determined by your income level and both are determined by their level of aspirations. If you have success 1. Because you like or want to success. 2 You hate failure and poverty. 3 You have taken correct instructions. For assistance, try visiting Anna Belknap. 4.

Your intuition was correct. 5. Correct evaluation. Not you auto cheated. If these failed 1. Because you like or want. 2. Because you don’t know how to get out of there. 3. You’ve led by incorrect intuition. 4 You have given wrong instructions. 5. Valuation error. Te auto cheated (you’re poor but you think rich, you’re fat but you think skinny, you’re silly but you think smart, wrong beliefs = stupidity). The good news is that 80% of people who are at levels high and super high, were born poor and are going to die rich, only 20% were children of rich. People who share the same level, are virtually identical in habits, customs, vocabularies, activities, professions, tastes, appearance, desires, education, culture, ideas, viewpoints, goals, attitudes, etc. With the other are infected. Keep in mind at this point, what if you want to continue at the level of comfort in which you find yourself according to your personal assessment, or if these willing to confront a change right now. In our next weekly business newsletter, the problematic editing. By Franklin Leyton Burgos – forts, attract the strong and the weak.



March 6th


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