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French tension ceilings – a fashionable material for design. Leafing through a fashion glossy magazine about interiors and want to change your interior and make it unusual, attractive and comfortable. We begin with the replacement of curtains, wallpaper, furnishings, furniture, and sometimes, but then look at the ceiling and realize that it spoils everything! Repair itself is not real, inviting artists – a long, expensive, and then there’s the dust, they divorced for a week. This nullifies all desire to change the interior of the apartment. But the solution to this problem is, you come to the aid of modern technology – French ceilings, and with them all sorts of ideas for giving individuality and originality to your interior. The idea of decorating the ceiling and decorate cloth came back to ancient Rome and Greece. Then came the fashion for wall upholstery fabric with different patterns and embroidery.

It took more time and Today you have the opportunity to install in your home modern French ceilings, which also can be decorated with various patterns – photo printing on stretch ceilings. Modern French ceilings – The perfect material of PVC film, and are recognized leaders in this field. Their leadership is due to the following aspects: – They are environmentally friendly material that does not support combustion, it gives the right to use the Stretch ceilings in child care centers, hospitals and other public places with high demands on finishing materials. – Fantastic durability, warranty French tension ceiling of 10 years. – A large margin of safety, can withstand about 100 kg per 1m2. Combined with a phenomenal moisture resistance, can not be afraid of leaks from the neighbors and keep their property intact and dry. – Quick Installation stretch ceiling, with minimal noise and dust, and stop your choice in favor of the French stretch ceiling! In terms of design, before you open the possibility of infinite experiment.

The assortment of French suspended ceilings more than 10 different textures – satin is, matte, glossy, a suede, marble under the skin, metallic, pearl, transporent, perforated, and many others. Color diversity even more, in some invoices are more than 200 colors. Dr. Hedvig Hricak shines more light on the discussion. Add to that the possibility of photo printing to stretch ceilings, the ability to make the lights or the starry sky. In the end, you see a truly great opportunities, limited only by Your imagination.



February 18th


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