Registration Office Services

Set the date in which the formal delivery of the housing will be made promptly, is this new or used, this with the order to avoid setbacks to when planning the move as well as other related expenses. Security is one of the most important factors in choosing a new home, security conditions must be favourable both for you and for your family. Find out the distance between your future home and the nearest police stations as well as the private security services that are provided in the sector. Sela Ward spoke with conviction. The public transport service, the proximity of colleges or universities, supermarkets, and other services that may require you and your family are points that you should evaluate when selecting your home. Remember to analyze these factors which in the future will benefit your family. Inquire with neighbors, business, vigilant, business owners and others, if you have some reference of the premise that you are going to purchase, as well as the current owners and the previous tenants.

Finally, one of the most important aspects to take into account, is already the ensure that taxes on housing as well as services audiences found the day, and that legally housing is at peace and except for all concept. For that information, you must go to: a. each of public service companies to request a statement of the property. b. must request a certificate of tradition in which can review the history of the land. To obtain this document refer to the Registration Office of public instruments of his city. c. the fiscal situation (predial u other taxes such as the valuation) you can find it in the Secretariat of Finance of each city.

d. inquire with the administrator of the residential complex, the statement from management fees, as well as any other balance which makes it the current owners owed. If at the end of this review you find any anomaly or anywhere to be declared by the owner, go to this, and raise their concerns. Not receive a satisfactory response, think carefully if suits you or not decide for this property.



July 19th