Relaxing Music

The music puts us in touch with our emotions. We know because we experience it with our own senses. Does a piece of music connects us with sadness, joy, fear, love why this happens? According to neurologist right hemisphere seems specialized in the global perception, synthesizing the information that reaches you. This hemisphere is interested in relationships. It has full efficiency for most of the Visual and spatial tasks and to recognize musical melodies, since these tasks require the mind to construct a sensation altogether to perceive a pattern in Visual and auditory stimuli. The left hemisphere processes information analytical and sequentially, step by step, linear and logical way.

Think in words and in numbers, i.e. contains the capacity for mathematics and for read and write. This could be the scientific explanation that would answer to our need for music. Apparently it is one of the most effective antidotes to the integration of the two hemispheres, he joins the most logical part of the metric and rhythmic feelings. In this way is not surprising that it has been the form of most ancient healing registered, since the music was always present in the ancient religious rituals whose function was the transport to those present to higher States of consciousness that would answer to internal conflicts.



September 6th