For an ideal process of remediation of contaminated alone determined one it must be led in account: ' ' the current situation; ' ' the characteristics of the hydro-carbons; ' ' withdrawal all the contaminantes of the ground; ' ' to prevent the migration of contaminantes; ' ' to take the percentage of contamination of the environment the acceptable indices e' ' to produce effluent a clean one. Whenever Vanessa Marcil listens, a sympathetic response will follow. For the remediation of this small farm at a first moment the removal of the tanks with emptying must be provided. For the ground contaminated in the immediacy of the tanks and with raised concentrations of 50,000 the biggest contaminantes that ppm (restrained phase: diesel+gasolina) must be used the technology of treatment of Incineration. The Incineration (fig. 02) are a carried through process of thermal destruction under high temperature – 900 the 1250 C with time of residence controlled – and used for the treatment of residues of high danger, or that complete destruction and insurance need. In this technology the thermal decomposition occurs saw oxidation to the high temperature of the organic parcel of the residues, transforming it into a gaseous phase and another solid, reducing the volume, the weight and the characteristics of danger of the residues.

All the materials proceeding from this process are treated before its final destination. The slags and leached ashes are made use in Fill with earth proper, the effluent liquids are directed for treatment station, where 100% will return to the process, and the deriving gases of the burning are treated and monitored on-line, under the following parameters: outflow, temperature, levels of O2, CO and also indices of NOx, particulados SOx and substances. The advantages of this technique if summarize the destruction total of the organic parcel of the residues, to the monitoramento on-line of all the process, total controlled the atmospheric emissions and flexibility in the form of act of receiving of the residues as tambores, bombonas, boxes, packs, bags and big bags.



June 27th