Route Boulder

They were the shepherds who inhabited these mountains that better knew this land and those who told the stories and legends that have come down to our days. This hiking trail is little frequented, some sections of it are little or nothing defined so it is easy to lose the way, ultimately, quite an adventure. In some areas that we spend there reptar, others help us with hands, but without much difficulty. On the route you will find some vivacs, being the most ancient shelters of shepherds. They can spend the night the most daring. We turn next to the Boulder of the dead, the chalice and, finally, will visit who was, probably, the first shelter erected in La Pedriza, Chozo Kindelan. It is located in one of the slopes of the Boulder of the dead and quite hidden among the vegetation. Firstly, we have to get to the recreation area of singing pig.

Once there, we torcemos to the right where you will see a large parking. We went down by the Road, leaving a few bars to the left and continue down the road to another small parking. There is a wooden bridge that crosses the River Manzanares. Cross the bridge and torcemos on the left going up a road paved to some informational posters, where we will take the road to the left, toward the Boulder of the dead. For a complete path information can go to the blog: original author and source of the article.



December 9th


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