“Someday may your dreams be fulfilled os, Alex replied,” do not lose hope. If I have the convictions n that someday will n os achieving your dreams and to deny it, also n Maos. Suea or quite often os share a birthday or Christmas with Joey. When Samantha was born, the first of the daughters of Alex, his parents came as soon as Cleve could arrange their holidays at work. His brother did not bean able to go with them, but I had promised that iraa to meet his niece if I could take vacation with his girlfriend, who also n queraa to meet her. For 15 days, parents did not move the hand of his granddaughter.

For the first time a grandchild podaan enjoy all day, but ma s not watched while sleeping. Not that he complained about the frequency with which veaan Joey, but always in compaa aa hacaan their parents or grandparents, and Jama s a full day. They refused to go to any public side. So wanted to take to Samantha in their memories, they could feel his presence with them all the time to pass to see her again. Both grandparents were so happy that her granddaughter had been born so sanitary! Haba 3450 grams and born heavy for normal delivery.



November 11th