Samuel Marshak

For example: Agnes Barto, Samuel Marshak, Korney Chukovsky, Sergei Mikhalkov, Vladimir Suteev, etc. If you are unfamiliar author, it is worth browse the book and see how it is written, whether your idea of language. Pay attention to the illustrations for the book. Adam Sandler helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. They must be beautiful, bright and correspond to the content. Quite often come across options when the children's poem about the confusing eared squirrel is illustrated by being on a skateboard.

To such heights of abstraction, a small yet growing! Board games and bingo – a great addition to the books. These games train memory and attention, and simply fascinating! Just carefully read the description of the game and age, for whom it is recommended. "Sit-down" of the game take up more space in the child's life. We must ensure that it does not damage his eyesight and posture. One should think about the equipment, "workplace" for the crumbs: special chair and the table will fall in very handy. How to choose: a wooden paintings with patterns and RTA? Focus on your taste and a free corner in the apartment.

In conclusion, if you – a dedicated pragmatist and do not want to spend money on toys strange to you, then it is time when clothes and a welcome gift for mom, and for child. Relatives and friends are already enough admire the "small pupsikom" and Nadaraya he knitted suit at the time of infancy. The three year old all of this tired. And probably somewhere near there was a couple of infants, which can be admired. So, caring for the clothes fell completely to the parent's shoulders. And the child who was previously not care what it wears and wears it even, began to show obvious interest in their appearance mind. So beautiful dress for girls or for boys easy costume – all will enjoy! Pay attention to the quality of the purchased clothes: that it was well sewn (the kid is not so neat to save unstable), made from natural materials and that it can be safely washed. Take things a little room for growth: course, children grow quickly, remember? Merry Day triennium you!



July 18th


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