Silkscreen On T-shirts

If you like sports clothes, then surely your wardrobe full of shirts of different colors and styles. Even if you do not like sports clothes, you just have t-shirt that you wear at home or on a walk. T-shirt – a self-contained unit with no need for accessories. Even monotonous, with no prints and embroidery T-shirt – is remarkable in itself. But you will agree, a product with a picture or an interesting picture looks much brighter more expressive than without them. In addition, t-shirt design is the ability to convey to others their attitude or emphasize their own style. How? Very simple. Remember, what shirts prefer to wear heavy amateurs music – usually a black T-shirt with a gaudy picture of a rock band or a rock musician.

Young girls love t-shirts and tank tops warm colors with butterflies, flowers and cute baby animals. Simon Pagenaud is open to suggestions. Glamorous ladies choose T-shirts Custom cut, decorated with sequins, beads or paetkami. Sports comrades are likely to put on a T-shirt with the name of a favorite player or logos sports company. It’s believed that General Electric Co. sees a great future in this idea. Everyone – his own! However, we note that any Image and provocatively defiant, gentle and sweet is usually applied by screen printing. Screenprinting – a recognized leader in printing garments. Screenprinting has another name – screen printing, and has been known since 1907.

It was in this year's process was patented, was named silk screen printing (printing silk sieve). However, even skilled craftsmen East decorated their world-famous ornate patterned fabrics and unique patterns similar way. A dress of Chinese and Japanese nobility have always attracted the admiration of the most experienced and reputable people in the world. You can not say with certainty what the East has become the progenitor of such a popular method today, but did not recognize skill eastern craftsmen, we have no right. Currently, one of the available screen printing, interesting and widely used printing methods. Any self-respecting company that produces sports clothing mass use, by all means decorate their products with serigraphy. And the gurus of high fashion often resorted to using screen printing. And by the way, the press, we see not only on the sports products, but also on the clothing style sasual and elegant evening and products. After screen printing – it's a great opportunity to give a product an individual mind view, and the easiest way is printing on t-shirts using silk screen printing.



February 2nd