If you visit New York or even if you live there a season studying English courses in New York be able to understand why it is called the city of the skyscrapers. It is not because there is the tallest Tower in the world, but Manhattan island Yes without a doubt is the portion of land with more skyscrapers. In addition, of course, be the most famous: no other city is so recognizable by its skyline. Done building the best-known skyscrapers of New York myth is without a doubt the Empire State. It was the highest in the world until 1972. For some time the twin towers removed this ranking even in the city itself, but unfortunately it has once again become the best viewpoint to contemplate the Big Apple due to the destruction of those. But the Empire State building adds to its spectacular architecture have been turned into a myth. Its stellar appearance in the movie King Kong made him a world-famous actor.

Later was the witness of the love between Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in the essential and thee. Today it has become a symbol for Valentine’s. It is not the only despite not being so famous there are other many skyscraper to admire in the city whose streets go over hundreds of times if you do English courses in New York City. The Chrysler building, for example surprises by its color, be covered entirely of brick, and is much prettier than the Empire. The Trump World Tower is the highest in the world devoted to residence, there people live at 290 meters. The Tower of the Bank of America, the Tower of the New York Times, Citigroup Center the list would be endless.

And probably all palideceran when the Freedom Tower is completed in 2013. It will be the highest in the city and will occupy the space left by the twin towers. A modern building and that already born with a lot of tradition behind them. In the House the memorial to the Sept. 11 attacks. Undoubtedly, a mandatory stop for rest during your English courses in New York City.



June 12th


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