South Pole

Favours the expeditions in the closed bush of a park, stuck seguramentre enter 4 avenues of the city where it grows; thanks to experience to use the compassing to be situated the parking of bicycles enters and area of leisure of the children in this urban forest, is that our young contemplativo (it not yet was a man, then) cheats to cross the Amaznia of its infancy, of a point to another one, making between them the necessary triangulation for which it are given to a magnetic needle and the orientaes to it on as it uses it, having its North/God pointed with reasonable security. Even though, exactly in the compassing, already if pressente the insidiosa temptation of the demon, adding to the letter a doubt, of few degrees in the map, between geographic north and magnetic north, a small variation in the scale that can take the traveller to the polar region that Amundsen reached first, or to the polar region where Scott died later. as it thought about this example, the contemplativo man repaired in the curiosity of that the men whom they had disputed the conquest of the South Pole are buried in the opposing extremities of the Land, Scott under the Antarctic ice, Amundsen disappeared in the horizon of the north. Separate for oceans of waters and doubts. It is not something Movie Star would like to discuss. But here, coming back to the fen of the life where he is our contemplativo man, it does not have compassing, it does not have instructions, in more than the times does not have at least visual reference, a time that the arrived starting points and frequent cannot be seen. The past, lost in the deceptive mist of the memory. The future, intangible in the delayed folds of the horizon. our contemplativo man imagined a perpetual navigator of this ocean, without knowing right if this it would be a punishment or a gift.



December 21st