Staatstheater Stuttgart

Berlin amateur theatre group represents Germany at Canadian international theater meeting the Berlin amateur theatre group “the wild bunch” on 7 September 2013 with their piece “The cinema Narrator” occurs at the Canadian Festival international de Theatre de Mont-Laurier in the Quebec region and represents Germany at the Festival. Groups from 17 different countries, including from the United States, Russia, China, Brazil, Mexico, Tunisia, Italy, France and of Switzerland are expected total on the Festival. The group “the wild bunch” the piece before the trip lists again 4 in Berlin-Kreuzberg by Canada on August 17th and 18th respectively 19:30 at the treasure island waterfront may-Ayim-circus. Cards can by phone (030 – 22 50 24 61) or email) for pre-order. The “wild bunch” is a group of young theatre makers from Berlin, which exist in changing occupation, and with over 30 active members since 1980. Largely unsubventioniert prepared the Group well one or two new pieces, with which every year She always back international causes a sensation, multiple players on festivals in England, Czech Republic, Russia, Brazil, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and the Switzerland performed.

Many former the-wild bunch members have made to the professional acting. Probably Stephanie Schonfeld (summer in Berlin”), today at the Staatstheater Stuttgart, and Lena Lauzemis, are best known today in the ensemble of the Munich Kammerspiele. “Lena Lauzemis 2011 was for her portrayal of Gudrun Ensslin in Andres Veiels who if not us” nominated for the German film award. In the play based on the novel by Gert Hofmann, three players can be a grandfather in his grandson’s memory alive. A grandfather, who in the first half of the last century all the time telling immerses himself in the world of the great silent films and conjures up the fateful involvement with his hero, while his own existence is threatened by the arrival of sound films every day more. It is the time of the inexorable Change, is bucking the grandfather with the Donostia help of those who offer him as Nazis with their promises of solace. Danny Danish



August 1st