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– The president got along very well with the ambassador. Others who may share this opinion include Author. Tefft at pains to justify the Government's steps, not paying attention to the numerous protests. And if they met in the final period with opposition leaders, these contacts are not made him more susceptible to problems of conflict of power and society. Moreover, Opposition accuses the ambassador several times that he passed on to the U.S. State Department incomplete information about the events in Georgia. " Such an ambassador, of course, could not cause self-esteem of the critical thinking part of Georgian society, although president and his team, of course, were quite pleased with his work. This means that the task Tefft was to prevent loosening of the positions of power, in spite of all her, to say the least disadvantages. Government – something uncomfortable for people, but not for American interests.

Convinced of this, as in the inefficiency of the spring-summer tactics of confrontation to the Saakashvili regime, opposition parties have begun to rebuilding its ranks. Recall that from April 9 to 24 July, held a protest demanding the resignation of the president and the appointment of early presidential elections. Result they have not yielded. Aside from the extracted experience, to which several leaders ready to listen, not inclined to cooperate with authorities. Experience, however, is that fragmentation – the scourge of the Georgian opposition movement. When in the midst of the shares at the climax expression of discontent and angry protest against the harsh and flawed policies for the country, leaders of three parties that formed the "Alliance for Georgia," agreed to a dialogue with Saakashvili's team, it became clear that a split is inevitable.



September 16th


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