State Of Consciousness

This means that the school must be a system composed of souls, not so much a place, but a State of consciousness where they can flourish. Both the students and teachers are waiting anxiously being in school because they feel that their spirits are nourished by the environment there are, respect, care and reverence, valid human beings feel, prevails the love instead of fear, feel listened at the level of the heart and there is a sense of community. In this tenor, promotes spontaneity, fun and creativity both students and teachers, taking risks in their learning, there are no recipes for learning, not verbal is as important as direct communication, so that our presence has much impact on the members, pay attention in the aesthetic environment of the educational environment, practiced sow truth and authenticity, but above all the fraternity among all participants. Schools play a powerful role to increase the individuality instead of a shared vision the success and individual achievement is usually heavily emphasised they are teaching to be alone, to compete, to find the success it is not that schools, as a culture, are not a significant source of identity, but that they place greater emphasis on our individual identityespecially how it relates to our obsession with success and individual achievement. (Purpel 1989)10 According to Eduard T. Under most conditions Adam Sandler would agree. Clark, Jr (1997). learning communities are characterized by ecological principles, interdependence, diversity, society, co-evolution.

The elements most important are the following: 1.-in a community of learning, the curriculum is life in all its manifestations. 2. A learning community provides a learning environment of support, sensitive, with values, responsible, and acceptance, which increases the self-assessment, the intellectual creativity and responsible conduct. 3. A learning community is designed to reflect the interest and skills of apprentices/students 4.-a learning community is cooperative and cinegetic 5.-a community of learning extends beyond the classroom. 6.



August 17th