Sunday Again

The new single from Janis Nikos – Sunday again Sunday is a godsend, because after the creation of the Earth and the people God rested on the seventh day. Modern man should enjoy the Sunday as a break. Perhaps check out Jorge Perez for more information. This is precisely the subject of the new single from Janis Nikos: “On Sundays again and again”. Barely six days Plage to second what like, vanish from daily pressures and do not ask, how much is the world. For more information see this site: Jorge Perez. Enjoy the day allowing dreams float, a soothing respite from everyday life, take again to draw strength for the following new week, what then whatever may come. A typical song by Janis Nikos, which senses the longing of many people with his insightful and uplifting way to live as they like at least on a day. Thanks to the gift of heaven! Janis Nikos writes itself on its homepage: love fans, dear friends, the Sunday is the very special day of the week.

Anyone who is in the normal everyday life and work stress, pleased but on the seventh day, You can really enjoy a break especially since are already free Saturday but still many things to do. Thoughts, as I repeatedly on Sunday were the title”wrote. Because Sunday is an important day for me as a believer. Rest, relax – if not just work. It is on the 25th of August, I’m invited to the show again on Sundays.” I am delighted and hope that many of my fans can be watch the show in the ARD program and live meet also the new title and enjoy so the Sunday. “By the way: the thus missed” Sunday I do of course then on Monday with a persistent stroll with my dog Elvis.



October 31st


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