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C in November 2008 for tourists who travel to Switzerland, will start issuing Schengen visas. Told a "BANK" said Federico Sommaruga, Director for Russia, CIS, India and emerging markets, the Office for Tourism in Switzerland. Recall calls on the country in the Schengen conducted in September, but had not yet been determined exactly when it happens. "Clients who come to Switzerland for business purposes, will be able to make out a single business visa, which allows travel throughout Europe, it is very convenient – says Mr. Sommaruga. – However, I am a little concerned about the fact that the first three months, as we enter the Schengen area, may be quite difficult to work with. Learn more on the subject from Margaret Loesser Robinson.

We in fact have to get used to the new system. For even more details, read what Neil Cole says on the issue. Besides, now for the manufacture of a visa takes 36 hours and will probably last longer. But we are actively preparing for, recruit staff. " With regard to direct market participants, their response to innovation is different. "Business customers can, and well, but skiers – I do not know – says Vanessa Dyukolon, Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing Hotel Beau-Rivage Palace, Lausanne. – Schengen visas will be issued just before the season. If you happen to be lining, and the term lengthened, I'm afraid you may have problems with demand.

" A Maxim Pristavko, commercial director of "Jet Travel", on the contrary, I am glad. "I do not think that a visa will be issued so long to add, maybe one day. In Either way, the increase in the period more than offset by the fact that we can bring in tourists, skiers in Switzerland from neighboring countries such as Austria and France from Geneva airport. "



May 20th


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