The Art Of Dialogue

Verbal communication and body language are two important trends in the field of seduction, when you know hobble your verbal and body language, you've won more than 50% of the battle to flirt with women you like. Dialogue is the basis for relating in society with other people and is the way we humans communicate. We are the only beings on this planet that we are fortunate to have a written language and spoken quite wealthy and developed enabling us to position ourselves as beings who dominate over everything on earth. For this reason it is very important in continuous learning the art of seduction that each of us to know about and correctly. The art of dialogue is divided into two parts: the ability to speak and the ability to listen.

In order to achieve a proper balance between knowing about and listening is the key to any woman you want and pay attention you can accomplish something with it. Here are some tips that will serve you to know what kind of person are you talking about: 1) People who talk fast: These are very energetic people, who have voluntary and involuntary movements, many of these people are locked to speak or do not have good grammar. Talking fast and vigorously may be a reflection of aggressiveness, are usually people who have a poor vocabulary. 2) People who talk loudly: This group includes four types of people: Those who are hearing impaired, those who are too envelopes and show their dominance in the high tone of his voice. They are generally self-centered and low spiritual level.

There are those who are very poor and content to be heard must speak up. And those with a volume loud enough voice to family tradition, as in some families, depending on their national origin. 3) People who speak low, slow and good vocabulary: These people are usually well-educated people are smart very good talkers, many of them are people of high spiritual level, and usually not much given to the culture of beauty but culture of the intellect and the cultivation of spirit and mind. 4) People who speak low, slow and poor vocabulary: Such people are generally good in nature, lack a good education, they fear their ideas and thoughts, but in general are noble and timid. 5) People who speak low, fast and poor vocabulary: As the previous person type, are people of little education and culture, dissatisfied with themselves and their surroundings, usually grew up with parents ignorant and castrating. 6) People who talk a lot, they are intelligent but have poor vocabulary: These are usually people with an innate intelligence, are intellectually gifted, but not had the opportunity to have a good education, are confident in yourself and care about what happens to friends and family. These are groups of people moving in everyday life may be many more types of people with different characteristics, but in my opinion these are the most recognizable in the field diary in which we can develop. On learning to recognize these people, we have an advantage to know what kind of person we are talking, and we can also find out which group we are. and devise this is all you need to learn? ! Nothing is more false than ESOA are viewing only the tip of the iceberg. Download and learn all the techniques, tricks and tips that you know to seduce a woman visit me.



March 3rd