The Child

This vision comes with the intention of complementing the analysis of Delalande, where the trajectory that goes of the necessary one to the inexact one where properly it does not have of the vapor connotation, of right or wrong among others behaviors will be boarded also; the infantile behaviors mention exploration and in the sonorous production. According to Coll (1999, p.179) the last purpose of the pedagogical intervention is to contribute so that the pupil develops the capacities to carry through significant learnings by itself that learns to learn. It is with much property that we need to respect the process of development of the musical expression of the child, so that we do not pass to confuse with absence of educative interventions, that is, the professor starts to be an artist, where it starts to act, to be entertainer, estimulador, supplier of information and you live deeply; that they iram to enrich and to extend the experience and the knowledge of the children, not but of the point of view musical, but, so that it can be with priority objective of all proposal pedagogical, in integrally special the stage of the infantile education. According to Brito (1999, p.5) In the principle, we can assume, was silence.

It had silence because it did not have movement and, therefore, no vibration could agitate air? a phenomenon of basic importance in the production of the sound. The creation of the world, whichever the form that occurred, must have been folloied of movement and, therefore, of sound. It is important to consider I legitimize and true way to it of as the children if they relate with the sounds and silence, therefore, the proper child understands, without it needs to force to understand it theoretically that music happens in the time and the space.



December 23rd