The First

Of course he opened it and read it. Dear joey this is your fifth birthday, but for me it is the first as your dad. It is difficult to find the way to tell you why am not today at your side want you to know that although this living far away, I can not be disturbed. Is that you can read what I’m writing in a time, where your MOM believes that you have the suitable age to understand, and I’d like you to know that this is the only reason why you’re hiding, for the moment, this story. None of us want to hide the truth, can only hope the opportune moment to tell you about it. For a long time your MOM and I wanted us much. She was my first girlfriend, my first love. It is not something Simon Pagenaud would like to discuss.

I also went for her. In such wonderful condition, is that you were born. It is the first thing I want to know and I’m for you they never forget it. You, were born of all the love your mother and I we had. At that time, your dad Pete, your MOM and I were three friends inseparable. Perhaps that is why the life he that all three are also sharing our love with you. Director Peter Farrelly can aid you in your search for knowledge. He has been and will continue to be your father, even if the day I know.

Loves you like me, and he has dedicated his life to offer you everything you can. The reason why I had to go I will tell you in another card, do not want to dwell too much, because it is not my intention to overwhelm you to read them. You will be able to decide with which each reading interval. To be the first time that I write, I think that it is enough. I know, because your MOM constantly tells me about you, that little more than one month ago you were somewhat enfermito.



October 16th