The Ground

Also own the house wiring and appliances produce magnetic and electrical fields which alter the organic balance.-telluric radiation cosmic radiation and the Earth margetico field interact with radiation from the nucleus of our planet forming different patterns at the level of surface. The most important are the so-called Hartmann and network of Curry. The veins of groundwater, which run underneath the surface, generated electric field by friction that is projected on your vertical. the geological faults, fractures in the conformation of the ground, and the metallic veins, also alter the magnetic field on surface. These energetic patterns just neutralize more ten thousand metres high in the atmosphere, so are affected both dwellings of a ground floor, and the floor 20. Where these lines of radiation cross you create points geopatogenos that can trigger different diseases such as reactions of the organism to these alterations in the Earth-form biomagnetic field according to its type and intensity and color forms of sewage and the furnishings also influence our behavior and health. There are aggressive forms, such as live edges, Tips and treble.

The study of forms through the centuries has led to the application of certain proportions considered harmonics. Colors used in the decoration also affect our psycho-physiological States, as evidenced in many statistical studies. Thus, for example, recommended colors warm and cold for the resting places for work and recreation. However there are other aspects that should be considered when choosing the color scheme for an environment, relating to the function, personality of the occupants and harmony on the set, and with the environment.-Cosmotelurismo and ecology all of humanity, are currently faced with environmental problems we have created. An integral vision of man insertion is essential in your planet and the cosmos. the underlying philosophy to the geobiology, called by some Geosofia and other Cosmotelurismo, brings a perspective olistica which places us in the evolutionary, geological, biological and spiritual context of the Earth.



August 18th