The New Ways To Get Incoming Links

One of the more traditional techniques in terms of trying to get improvements in the search of incoming links. The incoming links are simply links to other pages that lead to our own. The concept is as follows. No man is an island, and to survive in this world need others, because we are essentially social beings. With internet message is the same. The fuel that feeds them, the factor that determines the difference between surviving and perishing buried under millions of sites are precisely the incoming links. When the crawlers of search engines, ie robots that are responsible for reading the sites for inclusion in the search, they run into a link when that page indexed, search engines follow it, and well indexed that site you linked.

Therefore, the incoming links are a guarantee that the crawlers will see us and notice our existence. In the early stages of SEO-Search Engine Optimization, the discipline that is responsible for improving the site to facilitate a good positioning in search engines, the search for incoming links was done mainly through a technique known as link exchange. To this end, the webmaster of the site A was committed to put a link to the site B, if the webmaster of the site B did the same with a link to the site A. Like all practices, they soon fell into abuses, leading to what is known as link farms. That is, sites without real content, whose sole purpose was precisely accommodate these links to facilitate the indexing of certain sites. This practice is considered "Black hat". Black Hat techniques are unethical techniques which are penalized by Google and other search engines.

When Google finds a site that appeals to these illegal techniques, the site is removed from the directory, and no longer appears in Google results. Gradually, those responsible for the sites started to become more selective with the incoming links. So, we started to look for incoming links from quality sites, and once again began to include links on the site, but only to other pages contextually with ours. Thus, if my site is responsible for selling sports shoes, a link to another site that manufactures athletic footwear is allowed, but if you include links to sites not related, can be considered Black Hat, and penalized accordingly. Contextually related links are considered positive for the site, and added value for visitors. The other technique to get incoming links is through viralizacion articles. For this it is necessary to have quality material: notes, postings, articles. The same should be promoted, is uploaded to different sites, and offered as a contribution. By making our items are uploaded to other sites, preferably related to our niche of business-serve two purposes: to build brand presence, that is becoming known for our potential customers, and ultimately achieve more quality incoming links. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can do without problems, provided when acknowledged as the source



March 3rd