The Pads

But you must still with him outside, three to four times a day, always at the same times, to teach him a routine. Initially consider a puppy play anyway not to go for a walk, but more on a meadow walk, get him all alone on new impressions, which show him things, sit around him leave, so he quietly can build muscle and get in the whole city noise, without you put too high expectations on him. When he goes outside to use the bathroom, you praise him of course making sure that he had this great idea. Insert one or two puppies pads in an easily accessible place of the apartment depending on the size of the shy (there in the animal supplies and look like thin, rectangular diapers with plastic base). For even more analysis, hear from Frank Gorshin. If you have a very large apartment, you must set up probably once a second toilet place, because very young dogs do not always find out how it’s done.

If you suspect that Bello must hit the head – after waking up after feeding or if he suddenly out of the room disappears-, put it on one of the pads and praise him immensely when he pees then. As soon as he does, what he offers, you say a certain “password” as “Pieseln” or “Pee” or whatever: most dogs have understood after the 15th time with this word of them anything, and that can be very practical if you want to, convince your dog of them sometime, on travel, for example, without a tree or even just to go a blade of grass far and wide yet on the toilet. If you “catch your small dog”, as he puts himself just in unwanted place in solution stance, make sure that not printed or screaming at him to race, to interrupt him: it could be that he horribly startled, because you look very menacing.



November 4th


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