The Personal Evolution

Personal writing about personal evolution Evolution I intend to show a menu as always and on that basis each who will make the decision to choose his favorite dish. Do not seek to impose my dad filled, my lomo saltado or my red noodle with papa a la huancaina. Already makes me water mouth just thinking about this delicious food; I recognize the difficulty of choosing, may have to try some of the dishes and finally decide. The typical reminded me seven colors that sell the ambulantes en Lima. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Tony Parker. In a single dish: ceviche, beans, noodles, papa a la huancaina, chanfainita, arroz con pollo and olluquito. I think that some things should not be mixed, but I also believe that in tastes and colors the personal evolution for me should be pleasant and even fun. The basic idea is in the capacity of the subject, as I argue in my work, to create your own paradise here and now. For more information see this site: Sela Ward.

The idea of change is the key to all path of personal evolution. We want to be more and better, or suffer less. We want to achieve our dreams. Then we seek an external model, a teacher, priest, a guru, an adviser, a mentor. The term mentor for example comes from the Odyssey written by griego poet Homer. When Ulysses is preparing to go to fight in the Trojan war she cuenta that will leave only his son Telemachus, his sole heir.

Ulises is confident his loyal friend Mentor so that either the guardian of Telemachus and prepare to be King and substitute Ulises at his time. This brief history follows the word mentor is a synonym of consejero, friend, teacher and wise person. Others seek a religion, read the sacred books, chest bumps occur, attend processions, loaded candles, put incense and feel something. Will that be the personal evolution? The vast majority don’t want to accept the death, disease, infidelity, reeds, poverty, etc.



December 12th