The Piano

Piano is essentially constructed in three modalities: a tail pianoPiano keyboard: the strings are in horizontal position. The grand pianos have a top cover which can be opened, so that the sound produced by the strings go abroad without barriers of any kind. They are manufactured in various sizes turn. The largest is the piano in concert and has a considerable length, giving it a sound of great quality. average grand piano, piano by a quarter of a tail, the tail (shortest). Upright piano: is a variant of less loudness and quality and is manufactured to be placed mainly in homes where there is no space for a grand piano.

The strings are in vertical position. Electronic piano or clavinova: appeared in recent years, has reached a level of significant improvement, since the sound is extremely similar to the real pianos (generally your used as reference of tail) and the keyboard mimics the mechanical resistance of the hammers and allows you to play with greater or lesser force. It also offers numerous advantages compared to the traditional ones, such as the metronome, sequencer or the possibility of playing with the sounds of other instruments. Pianos tuning consists in the modification of the tension of the strings in such a way to place them on the appropriate frequencies according to equal temperament in such a way that the successful music is pleasing to the ear according to the canons of Western music. It is done by specialized people called tuners piano technicians.



March 20th


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