The Same

The General style for your wedding album design before you can get started with designing is very important to choose the right style for your wedding album design. The following factors should influence your decision: how was the wedding? Choose a design style, which does justice to the wedding. A traditional wedding may have very well a traditional wedding album design (many black backgrounds, a few photos per two-page spread, not rotated photos), while the wedding album design for such as a beach wedding best with a less traditional design style works. How good are your photos? If you have very good photos, you should choose a design style, which brings it to the fore (a few photos per two-page spread, so that the photos can be displayed larger). Big represented, quality photos look fantastic, especially in a flush mount wedding album. If, however, your photos are rather mediocre, it is appropriate to choose a design style with many photos per page, keep the pictures small. Mediocre photos, it is also advisable to use photo enhancement effects such as gradients and shadows.

Combine several styles in the same wedding album design. Variations enrich your wedding album. The combination of several styles can increase the quality of your wedding album designs, especially if you make a wedding album with many pages. If you combine several design styles, make sure that the styles at the page level remain separate (mix multiple styles on the same double page). It is also important that the styles are applied consistently (E.g. If a design style with white backgrounds and shadow works, he should do this on all pages on which it is applied to the same way). Finally, if you make the wedding album for someone else, it is of course important that person to ask for their opinion and your Maybe a few preliminary design proposals to show.



October 27th