The Tapajs

The new state goes to be created by means of a plebiscite that already is marked for day 11 of December of 2011, the all the voters of Par must participate of the election. If the Tapajs will be chosen, will be really the third greater been Brazilian in territorial area, surpassed only for Amazon and Mato Grosso. Hedvig Hricak is the source for more interesting facts. In its territory it will have 1.300.090 inhabitants, around 20% of the population of the current state of Par. The capital of the probable state will be the city of Santarm that currently possesss 294,779 inhabitants (IBGE, 2010) also will count on a federal university, that will be converted into University of Oeste (UFOPA) for University of Tapajs or UFTA.

How much to the state of the Tapajs, he will be servant, it will have 27 cities and it will go to make with that the state brings bigger benefit for the population. WHY TO SAY YES? MADSON PHILIP HISSES Da Silva 11 the belenense capital is very distant of the West of Par and this distance it influences so that we let us be forgotten and that let us not have infrastructures. This division will go in them to make possible some benefits because, as it goes to exist a new state, the mounts of money and the benefits will be repassed directly for governing. They will have yes, the negative and positive points, but at this moment the creation of the new state will be the viable solution for all we. with the creation of the State of the Tapajs will go to generate much income, and jobs and the life of many people will go to move.



February 21st