The Union

Between the rest of theories that also denies the culture Andalusian we found those of esencialista character that, without denying the existence of a specific etnicidad, they consider that to be Andalusian or lack of predispositions entails a series of vital dispositions, that of ideal vegetative of the essential and immutable orteguiano existence that they prevent him to form its ethnic autoconciencia; those that they reject, going to History like consecrated dogma, that Andalusia constitutes a differentiated social formation with own culture, being this one in its opinion the result of a variation of the Castilian; or those others that raise the nationalism of the Spanish state by means of mythology, considering the peninsula, with the anecdotal exception of Portugal, as an almost mystical community with a common destiny. And still there is more, than they argue equally absurd reasons, reduccionistas and mixtificadores in favor of expositions nationalistic and, even, internacionalist in some cases. What it is clear is that the flamenco one must be considered a contribution ethnic especially Andalusian, with roots profundsimas in that territory that historically has been perceived by its inhabitants like Andalusia, solely comparable like existential expression from a town to the jazz, with that shares that same passage, although to a lesser extent, from the premises to the universal thing. And it is showed of irrefutable way because the Andalusians, when they emigrate, always take it with himself they reproduce and it creative there where they are in sufficient number. Thus it happened in century XIX, when other places of Levante of Andalusia went to the mines of the Union and, giving rise to new you sing miners, cartageneras and others, that, by all means, continues being flamenco, or when they went to the Caribbean, and so the calls arose you sing of roundtrip , () or when they went to Catalonia, where today exists a high number of rocks and flamenco concerts and where few flamenco singers, flamenco singers, bailaores and bailaoras have arisen not. .



March 25th