Theatrical Poster Vinnitsa

Mixes – it's long record, consisting of several tracks into each other seamlessly, sometimes quite quickly. Such mixes usually last about an hour. Represents a collection of 92 164 mix. The site contains concert posters in Vinnitsa. You can also see the radio show, live and promo mixes. Also, it is a quality sorting. Track – a song of his own writing. There are 180 322.

Remix – his version of a track. 60 530 remixes on the site. What is a photo and video, I think, is not worth explaining. Number of photos, apparently so great that the creators of the site were afraid to put that figure. But the number of known video: 7737 files.

Poster of Vinnitsa – a place to talk on topics related to music, performers, music technology, this web site or even on any topic. Market – a place where you can find anything – equipment, bags, CD-ROMs, Vinyl records, magazines, radio, etc. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tony Parker. Vinnitsa – a list of radio stations and links to them. Also there you can see what's next play. Finally, the top 100 – one hundred of the best in their profession. Headed by DJ DJ JIM, musicians – DJ Johnny Beast, well, you can see the best mixes and tracks remixes. Top 100 based on personal rating of the performer. It's called PROMORANK. Abbreviated as it is called here PR. Also have personal rating and music, video, photos, etc. You can make friends, make idols, and even fans. Leave personal messages, comments to work, messages in the feedback. Feedback – it's like a wall or site. You can give gifts, of course not free, but still … I do not think anybody would say something wrong in the site address, which, of course, has its drawbacks. Clearly only one thing: users PROMODJ like, and most importantly …



August 25th


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