Themed Parties

The many panels from movies have enormous advantages, one can consider when choosing his outfit the variety of panels from films and series. Firstly, the selection of panels is great. Here, you have the choice between almost all movie characters that there were ever from popular movies. On the other hand, the movie costumes from the Internet very well to the details are aligned, so that these are sold mostly in very high quality copies. The advantage is that you immediately identified as a film character would be. Large selection of film costumes you can choose yourself, whether you on the wide variety of Star Trek panels or rather accesses on Harry Potter costumes. Horror films are a term of movie costumes. “” You can find Halloween masks and outfits from the Friday the 13th “and Freddy Kruger”.

When we approach the permanent events like Carnival and Carnival, it becomes clear that we quickly need a good costume. But as always the question arises, how it is possible striking and extraordinary costumes? The answer is: movie costumes. Could you continue writing film costumes and the advantages over the available outfits still indefinitely, but what makes the film costumes so special? The fact is that most Hollywood films are well known and they are detected faster. One wears a costume of Pippi Langstrumpf, so you will be immediately recognized as such. Costumes from the movie are therefore excellent for large groups who meet on theme parties. Star Wars offers 10 different characters, for example, almost 20 different panels and Star Trek. So, can you be guaranteed with a large group to catch the eye of the party and is the catcher of the party.



August 16th


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