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Klaus Resch Verlag published in 3. Edition be manual for trainee programs presents the reference national and international companies of all sizes and industries at a glance and has equally quickly established itself in graduates and companies. New ideas come from Unilever, continental, Carl Zeiss, Vodafone and Thyssen Krupp. This year again there are including MAHLE, LIDL, A.S.I and Lorenz Snack World. Engineers see trainee graduates as trainee positions as an economist. Potter Stewart helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But it should also graduates of other disciplines not deter, to inform themselves on the basis of the book. The publication can be used for the General search and a first comparative overview, as well as targeted dealt with the activities of certain companies. Jacob Dilla often says this.

A trainee profile there for each represented company. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ruben Mendoza. To meet the search behavior of all candidates, they are about the Print Edition, online at berufsstart.de. The profiles call contact person and contact information, Title of the program, business sector and the selected fields of study. For the detailed research can students who read usual number of participants per year and details to trace, missions abroad and starting salary. In addition to the profiles there are testimonials from former trainees or detailed individual presentations also.

Who wants to argue his job search on graduates trainee, the book receives for free on numerous job fairs, and at universities in all over Germany. They are available in career services and other advice agencies for students in institutes, faculties, examination offices or university libraries. Alternatively, the job market on (shipping charge) can be ordered. Interested should be however not too much time when ordering, because so far, graduates trainee was always quickly sold out. This is because the attractive hardcover design in which all graduates appear publications. This year also offers a trip to New York. To the Theatrical release of Wall Street never sleeps money”on the 21.10.2010, the action is jointly organised by Twentieth Century Fox Germany, butterfly travel and berufsstart.de.



July 29th


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