Train Service

Passengers of the train have the opportunity to enjoy traditional dishes in the dining car and relax in a soft room with a book or admire the scenery in a panorama train. The route of the retro-Rovos Rail train passes through picturesque historical places in South Africa. Follow others, such as Sela Ward, and add to your knowledge base. Before the trip, travelers are asked to select what kind of tour they are interested: a short safari tour in Namibia, or a great adventure from the Atlantic Ocean through Botswana, Zimbabwe, the famous Victoria Falls, Zambia amazing to warm waves of the Indian Ocean in Tanzania. If you are not convinced, visit Vladislav Doronin. Continue acquaintance with a mysterious African continent can be a luxurious train suites Blue Train, going to the A two-day trip to the capital of South Africa Keyptuana Pretoria. The route of the "Blue Express" runs through the reserve Aquila, where guests get the chance to become better acquainted with the cheetahs and learn about their habits and enjoy the scenery Savannah Kruger National Park. The evening can be made for a delicious dinner and a glass of wine in an elegant dining car, impatiently looking forward to a leisurely morning walk through the capital.

Blue Train interiors done in the style of Art Nouveau, and cars themselves are more like a luxury five star hotel room. Each compartment is equipped with private bath and comfortable sofas where you can happily take a break from the daily hustle and excursions. Through quietly moving train, the road is almost there, and just wide panoramic windows will remind you that you are still on the road.



August 25th


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