But the connection to the water supply is not required. As the detergent is recommended the use of special solutions for cleaning the wheels. In the absence of these solutions can be applied to ordinary washing powder with a low suds for washing machines. Before washing it is desirable to remove surface of the large clumps of dirt wheels and remove the hinged parts (caps, etc.) so as not to damage the cleaner inside. After washing, 100 wheels should be drained and pour the dirty water clean, and the pellets can be collected and reused. Design and operation of cleaning the wheels MK-1 main piece sink is made of stainless steel wash chamber into which is fed through a drawer wheel. Others including Larry Culp, offer their opinions as well.

Inside the chamber, the wheel is positioned vertically on two roller bearings. They are also rotate the wheel while it sinks. The principle of cleaning the wheels of MK-1 is as follows: in the dirty wheel placed inside the unit, under a strong pressure is fed a mixture of water and polyethylene pellets. Granules, flying under pressure of spray, like sponge, rub the wheel, easily removing the dried mud. To eliminate the strong stubborn dirt, such as motor oil, cleaning the wheels of the MC-1 uses a special cleaning solutions.

Further drying takes place. In drying of water-supply stops granulovoy mixture, and the wheel continues to rotate inside the washing chamber for centrifugal discharge residual water from its surface. Simultaneously, the compressor supplies compressed air, which blowing wheel and throws him permanently stuck beads and dries the surface. Thus, the granules remain inside the unit, which reduces their consumption. Installing the MC-1 can operate in 3 modes sink: 1.Bystry. Is only 30 seconds and used for the removal of weak pollution. 2.Sredny mode cleaning the wheels is about 1 minute. 3.Dlitelny – 2 minutes. In this case, the wheel gets rid of even the most trudnootmyvayuscheysya and rugged dirt. The use of plants for cleaning the wheels of MK-1 is very convenient and profitable. First, it can help to quickly wash the wheels even with the protruding parts of the disk, resulting in a few seconds you will be able to begin to tire changer works, and the work area will remain clean and dry. And secondly, the wheels sink to install the MC-1 can be positioned as a new type of service, while receiving additional income. Install wheel washers can be used for cleaning a variety of dimensions of the wheels. In particular, the installation of wheel washing MK-1 is used for cleaning the wheels of cars and SUVs. Currently, the Russian market presents many models of plants dyal cleaning the wheels, both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Of the foreign is worth noting cleaning wheels Trommelberg, Drester, Wulkan. MK-1 is worthy of their competition. Washing the wheels MK-1 is much cheaper their counterparts, as produced in Russia. In addition, MC-1 by the absence of sophisticated electronics and mechanical way of cleaning the timing wheel, which simplifies management. Wash stainless steel chamber, a convenient location of units and domestic components do MC-1 easy and inexpensive to repair. A small size set of wheels sink MK-1 can place it in virtually any room.



September 12th


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