TV Host Sonya Golden Sorry That I Was Born A Blonde

Recently on holiday in the uae with an agent of musical security Sonia Golden occurred incredibly funny case. One evening, television presenter with her friends went to a restaurant. "The evening passed quietly, when suddenly, I felt that I had someone to consider, but not simple, but straight devouring eyes. From such views coolness on the skin! I quietly looked around and saw not far from us two men who are actively discussing me. But Thank God, more of this in the evening did not go! "- Says Sonia.

The next day, in Room presenter brought luxury earrings, allegedly as a gift. Darivshy not want to be famous and in the note indicated that this was a man of restaurant, which is a sign of his admiration presents her gift with an invitation to dinner. "To say I was in shock, then, to say nothing! I went down to reception and asked, how could it happen that in a respectable Hotel strangers to find out which room I live. To me there cute smile, but do not explain the situation. I commend them to send a gift and ask to return to the addressee. But I wonder didst trust that the incident is settled! Gifts with obsessive constancy were sent to me every day! "Apparently, the Arab gentleman thought that at the next doroguschy necklace or ring, beauty – blonde, still can not stand! These "advances" haunted star "Top Ten" literally everywhere It seems tired of waiting for the response, "Arabic fan of broadcast television presenter in the room envelope, in which lay a contract, where she asked for a fee to change the faith and become his third wife. "After this is my patience ran out, I decided to interrupt his vacation and flee to Moscow, while I was kidnapped without the agreement of my own room! Because end his "career" in someone else's harem in my plans are not included. But, judging by recent events have followed me frankly. So I left the hotel and drove to the airport dressed as an Arab woman. And in the Arab countries I do not set foot! "



May 1st