Twilight Beavers

1olos beaver is a faint sound, which ver it just might be called a groan. Of the five senses of hearing and smell is occupied, apparently, the first place, small eyes have a rather dim view, but the view of development as well as taste, and can not be denied in this animal of the presence of touch. Depending on the beaver habitat, breeding it occurs in different months. Some believe that the chute is in the early winter, while others – in February or March. In this case, they say, plays a role castor, which serves to allure other beavers. Males and females relate to each other very dearly.

After several weeks of pregnancy, the female lays in a dry shelter covering 2.3 tyh wool cub. After 1-2 days, they can already swim for his mother. Currently, beaver hunting is very slight flax or, more precisely, it does not exist, but a hundred years to rear it had great importance and has been circulated most of the Perm province to the southern parts of the Urals. Despite this solitary life, the number of beavers is reduced more and more fishing beaver quite difficult, because these vertices mals very shrewd and ill go into the traps or snares; often happens, the beavers put down their sticks, or, for fallen into a trap, gnaw off his leg and released. Of ordinary extract beavers as follows: in the first case, await them in Twilight of the hole and hit with a rifle as soon as the beaver will be released on the water in which it is excellent swims and dives, sometimes, finding the hole, which is always over in Doi, obstruct the hole a little bit away, the fence, and then touches hole, which is a few yards long and has an indirect upward direction, pull out at the end of the vertical holes or more sloping course and let go with a tank or a beaver survive the smoke, and as soon as he pops out of the hole, killed with sticks and finally, in extreme cases exist between the fence leaving a small passageway, which put ordinary venny fox trap.

Beaver pelt, which is about 90 cm long, chain nitsya very expensive, and we know for certain that in pyatidesya ies it was sold from 50 to 70 rubles in silver. In addition to skin, is also in the sale of castor and also valued very dearly castoreum obtained from a single beaver from 40 to 300 g. Calendar January. The beaver begins estrus. Mating occurs in water under the ice. Pregnancy lasts 105 – 107 days. February. Extends the period of estrus, which happens once a year. April. The first litters. May. The emergence of offspring per litter 3.5 beaver. Cubs are born sighted, covered with hair, and on the third day can swim. June. Feeding and education of offspring. Sentyabr.Zagotovka feed for the winter. October. Continued active harvesting fodder for winter, which involves the whole family.



February 15th


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