WangShuJi, welcome! The wins ZhangZhen hanging filled with smile. WangZeRong hold the hand ZhangZhen way: for what good wine? ZhangZhen middle way: good wine you drink prada shoes for kids everyday, it is estimated that drink too are boring, I today is specialized to make some old factory wine, this wine powerful way, even though it was a small village wine, this wine good! Is not better than the good bad wine. WangZeRong has been big say with smile: good, good, today is with hello good spell the wine. ZhangZhenZhong led WangZeRong went in. WangZeRong drink any wine won t drunk, large glass of large glass of wine, but drinking, ZhangZhenZhong haven t so much, although his capacity for liquor is not small, in the military is so-called bucket and soon was eyes drunk.the. WangShuJi, I sorry you! ZhangZhenZhong said sadly. Said this, his face was full of a kind of guilty of love. WangZeRong about the situation already, ZhangZhen know the mood, gently patting was buried = the epicenter way: you know, touch you, can do this degree I, I only thank.

Didn’t expect WangZeRong t OS understand yourself, ZhangZhenZhong one mouthful drank off the wine in the cup WangShuJi way, you luck, a friend is to be one who is my old useless! WangZe vicissitude on glass way: don t say so much, you like this is very good, everybody is not difficult, this cup of wine I worshipPrada Trainersyou. The last thing I am sorry you, you rest assured, next time whether emperor to speak, I will support you. ZhangZhenZhong estimation is the wine also drink some many, more say more excited. WangZeRong way: the key to attack you this card, how should let given you still how to do it. WangZeRong feel today s this wine to drink well, to ZhangZhenZhong meal wine and drink back.



November 6th


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