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It is clear that the creation of a web page has essential steps to form a product whose objective is the communicate something through the use of many media resources. In addition, a web site is a work that can support many auxiliary tools. We can see it in the fact that there are several pages on the Internet that have categories such as forums, chat, a place where can be contacted at their filmmakers (as) all this paraphernalia reveals the breadth of concepts around web pages and influence. Therefore, in these times where the Internet is a medium of expression key theme is not minor. How adecuaremos our website in such way that transmit what we want? The question is feasible because in most cases it is not that but the way that we will choose to get certain types of messages for an unknown number of Internet users. The resources in this respect are varied and are typical of other media like television and radio.

Indeed, a web page of our authorship may include audiovisual resources such as videos and animations that give more impact to our content. They are also audio resources such as podcasts. We can also schedule included as a download area, where the (ACE) visitors of our web site will find, above all by bonds, files in Words or PDF. Also applies the resource if we have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc, linking our web site to any of these or all of them. We will include in our writings the resource of the tags, or simply leave the content as such to be published? Already know that to realise the needs posed us both our personal tastes as a basic natural characteristics of our web content. What colors we will include in our web site? We fill graphics, flashy designs of lyrics, music, etc., or will simply be a site more sober as possible? These are essential questions to determine the appearance of the site as well as also the resources that can make part of your final integrality.

Also important is the fact that go thinking about a strategy of positioning, so that search engines determine the degree of importance of the website regardless of the topic concerned. We must also determine if we will need help from someone else that you help us to secure our web site details. Finally, there are several factors that determine the power of realization of a web page. If you are interested in making one, perhaps not imagined so many questions and if he did so, probably you have not found a place where the answers you need are included. But in its initial interest is a good step to start to get involved in this world of web development. It goes without saying that it is a process that includes many programming details that are essential if everything goes in the best possible way.



March 17th


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