Frechtheit WINS… That Thought Is Also The Ex-wife Of Our Clients.

…und read the unsuspecting month for month 850,00 EUR maintenance transfer! That probably thought the ex-wife of our high-earning clients. This paid maintenance for the supposedly since the divorce with her parents living ex 850,00 EUR busy month for month. The client became no suspicious until he received an anonymous tip by email, after the ex-wife lived together for over a year with a new partner. Credit: real-estate developer-2011. The E-Mail contained no further information where and when this should be the case. After consulting with his lawyer the client turned on our detective agency in August 2008. Three of our detectives were active in the Northern Bremen and first measured the actual residence of the ex-wife, who was reported still in their parents. This was namely now in Dusseldorf. There could be determined quickly, that the ex-wife in the noble Dusseldorf Hubbelrath seemed to inhabit land together with a man of a detached villa with around 3,300 m. In the course of the now conducted five-day observation could be that the ex-wife was actually residing, but also that they worked with in the company of the new life companions and was entered even for more than a year in the land of the Villa as co-owner not only found. So much of effrontery is recognized now by the family court: keep claim completely forfeited, repayment of the maintenance of the last 12 months (10,200 EUR) paid by our clients and the cost of the detective must be refunded to 70% of our clients.



December 29th